Definition of pistachio in US English:



  • 1The edible pale green seed of an Asian tree.

    • ‘I love the reds and the greens of the pistachios layered on top.’
    • ‘(Once, Ken showed up with a bag of shelled pistachio nuts.’
    • ‘I can only describe them as 150% sweet, sticky, full of sesame seeds and pistachio nuts with added chilli and curry powder.’
    • ‘Thankfully for me I love cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios.’
    • ‘Olives and pistachio nuts are the most luxurious things I have ever eaten.’
    • ‘It has hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts… all held together in a flaky, buttery crust.’
    • ‘At any rate, we move from walnuts to pistachios.’
    • ‘Halve or chop the pistachios and scatter them over the top.’
    • ‘I also added some dried cranberries to give a bit of Christmas touch to the cookies with their color combined with green from pistachios.’
    • ‘Place the pistachios in a sauté pan and lightly toast over medium heat.’
    • ‘How she loved to crunch them; dry roasted peanuts, macadamias, cashews, pistachios, walnuts and Brazils.’
    • ‘Substitute shelled pistachios for nuts in any recipe you fancy.’
    • ‘Chop the pistachios and scatter both nuts and cherries over the rice just before serving.’
    • ‘Serve the rice hot, in a mound, with the pine nuts, pistachios and almonds sprinkled on top.’
    • ‘In an elegant ice-cream shop a white-coated young man is pounding green pistachios in a massive mortar.’
    • ‘On the plate was a kind of honey-puff cereal with pistachios, ‘shredded wheat,’ liquefied melon, yogurt, and candied walnuts.’
    • ‘Garnish with celery greens, pistachios, capers and sea salt.’
    • ‘Besides being fun to eat, pistachio nuts are a boon to our health.’
    • ‘If you want your paste to not be green, soak the pistachios overnight, and then remove the skins with a tea towel.’
    • ‘That's just 22 almonds, three tablespoons of cashews, 28 peanuts, 47 pistachios, or 14 walnut halves.’
    1. 1.1 A pale green color.
      • ‘Back inside, to the left of the kitchen an inner hall leads to the family bathroom and a small bedroom painted pistachio green.’
      • ‘Most women can easily distinguish between forest, kelly, sea, celadon, lime, kiwi, jade, sage and pistachio greens.’
      • ‘The fantasy is unfolding almost invisibly in Prakash Talkies, a decrepit theater with shocking pistachio green walls.’
      • ‘Long piano fingers, silver rings glittering, nails painted pistachio green.’
      • ‘Available in canvas, pistachio, and pool blue in sizes S - 2XL.’
      • ‘The ironwork was repainted in its original tone of pistachio.’
      • ‘What she hadn't noticed - and even I'm not sure how this happened - was that the ceiling was also now pistachio.’
      • ‘The problem that Thomas faced was the previous owner's passion for pistachio green and dark-stained wood.’
      • ‘The entrance hall, with wooden flooring and understairs storage, is decorated in pistachio and features ceiling coving, a centre rose and dado rail.’
      • ‘Her room was a pale pistachio green with white molding and a sky blue carpet.’
      • ‘The tile print is available in pistachio green or pink, while the summery garden trellis print comes in red and cream or black.’
      • ‘I don't understand why anyone would make their mercs a pistachio green colour.’
      • ‘The whole process takes about 15 minutes: water is driven off, the beans turn pistachio green then pale yellow before going brown.’
      • ‘A log-burning stove warms one corner of the bar, while pistachio green walls are littered with caricatures and sketches.’
      • ‘Black is apparently out and colours like bright green are in - this despite the fact that emerald green and hunter green or pistachio green are unflattering to female skin.’
      • ‘But what I can already tell you is that it looks lovely, with its shades of baby pink and pistachio green.’
  • 2The evergreen tree of the cashew family that produces this nut, with small brownish-green flowers and reddish wrinkled fruit borne in heavy clusters. It is widely cultivated, especially in the US and around the Mediterranean.

    Pistacia vera, family Anacardiaceae

    • ‘The king of such devices is the divine Chateau Laguiole cleaver, which is available from Terroirs from around £80 in a variety of burnished woods including pistachio and olive wood.’
    • ‘Many of these lepidopteran pest species of pome fruit have a broad host range that can include cherry, peach/nectarine, grape, citrus, kiwi, and pistachio, as well as uncultivated hosts.’
    • ‘One of the first pistachio growers in the state, David has seen pistachio farming grow to over 100,000 acres and 150 to 250 million pounds of in-shell nuts per year in California.’
    • ‘The Chinese pistachio is a beautiful tree that matures to about 40 feet in height with a 30-foot canopy.’
    • ‘Representatives of several major media outlets were on hand as hundreds of volunteers, many of them TXU employees, gathered to plant the oaks, cypresses, and pistachios.’
    • ‘Mangoes come in hundreds of varieties and a wide range of shapes and sizes, and are distant relatives of cashews, pistachios, poison oak and poison ivy.’


Late Middle English pistace, from Old French, superseded in the 16th century by forms from Italian pistaccio, via Latin from Greek pistakion, from Old Persian.