Definition of pipefish in US English:


nounPlural pipefishes

  • A narrow, elongated, chiefly marine fish with segmented bony armor beneath the skin and a long tubular snout.

    Syngnathus and other genera, family Syngnathidae: numerous species

    • ‘But Madagascar isn't entirely mantas and sharks, crabs and pipefish.’
    • ‘Leafy seadragons are bony fish in the family Syngnathidae which includes seahorses and pipefishes.’
    • ‘Away from the reef are scattered rocks featuring small heads of coral; a great place for seahorses and ghost pipefishes.’
    • ‘This approach has been successfully used in a sex-role reversed population of the broad-nosed pipefish, Syngnathus typhle.’
    • ‘Genetic analysis of the gulf pipefish showed as many as four males being simultaneously ‘pregnant’ with eggs from the same female.’
    • ‘Do pipefish and seahorse males have complete confidence of paternity, as might be expected given their involved parental care?’