Definition of piped-in music in US English:

piped-in music


  • Prerecorded background music played through loudspeakers in a public place.

    • ‘Some pubs in the trendier parts of Sydney would not put up timely race or dividend results, would show the broadcasts in competition to sport and piped music.’
    • ‘When there's a warm spell in Ireland, shopping centres North and South can be relied upon to include a Beach Boys compilation in their piped music selection.’
    • ‘It also had air-conditioning, piped music, shower, toilet, clean towels, linen, etc.’
    • ‘Most official England anthems are toe-curlingly dreadful while the pre-match piped music at football matches isn't much better.’
    • ‘Yes, like Ronald Howard and Margaret Thompson piped music, from whatever quarter, is a menace to our eardrums and our sanity.’
    • ‘Their chief curse is piped music, sometimes so loud as to preclude concentration on the books and enforce departure.’
    • ‘Anyone who cannot do without piped music can bring their own choice of music and use headphones, without forcing it on others - if the volume is properly controlled.’
    • ‘Rich veneered wood and fine fabrics, intimate lighting, glowing stained glass mirrors and soft piped music create a cocoon of sybarism.’
    • ‘‘We were woken by piped music at 5am every day to clean our rooms,’ said Jo.’
    • ‘Similarly the increasing ubiquity of the superpub, with its piped music and flatscreen televisions, is in danger of flattening the once vibrant oral culture.’
    • ‘The bar and restaurant group, which employs more than 100 people, has also excluded alcopops, gaming machines and loud piped music from all its taverns.’
    • ‘The three-way merger of piped music specialists last week is just the start of consolidation in this fascinating industry.’
    • ‘He has also docked his education minister's pay for falling standards and outlawed piped music in public places.’
    • ‘He has written a letter of complaint to the hospital and to Pipedown, a national organisation that campaigns for the banning of piped music in public places.’
    • ‘I also heard about places where piped music was being used as a deterrent to teenagers and how it was helping to calm rail users down.’
    • ‘You don't get piped music carefully selected to psychologically encourage you to buy more, you don't get the claustrophobic mood-altering fluorescent lights.’
    • ‘A spokesman for Tayside said: ‘We did an experiment with piped music and it drove the staff nuts so we had to stop.’’
    • ‘Inside we find the space-agey shiny metal lift, an ugly, ugly lurid purple logo and atmospheric piped music that melodizes our rise to the dining room.’
    • ‘TruSonic competes with to sell piped music to hotels, restaurants and other businesses.’
    • ‘There is irritating piped music, a vain attempt to drown out the background wind-pocket moan of the ventilation/heating system and generate some atmosphere perhaps.’


piped-in music

/pīpt in ˈmyo͞ozik/