Definition of pipe bomb in US English:

pipe bomb


  • A homemade bomb, the components of which are contained in a pipe.

    • ‘On the north Antrim coast, a pipe bomb was made safe by army bomb disposal teams in Portrush after being pushed through the letterbox of a flat.’
    • ‘Last month someone exploded a pipe bomb in a stem-cell research center near Boston, but the administration didn't denounce this as a terrorist attack.’
    • ‘A Jackson County man reported a pipe bomb to the Jackson County Sheriff's Department on Friday - about five months after he found it.’
    • ‘The pipe bomb is a lethal weapon and nothing can justify its use.’
    • ‘On the second day, May 4, Helder was stopped 12 miles outside of Albion, Nebraska, where a pipe bomb had been found in a mailbox.’
    • ‘Abdul Rahman told reporters the bomb squad had found a metal pipe bomb in the house.’
    • ‘At approximately 9: 03 this morning, a Caltrans maintenance crew located a pipe bomb or what appeared to be a pipe bomb.’
    • ‘Naidoo said investigations would confirm the type of explosives used, but confirmed the device had been a pipe bomb.’
    • ‘The latest incident took place as 19-year-old WIlliam Campbell, who was killed when the pipe bomb he was handling exploded, was being buried.’
    • ‘An improvised explosive device, a pipe bomb, went off and yes, it has, I suppose, marred the reputation of the 1996 Olympics.’
    • ‘Bomb disposal experts from Collins Barracks, Cork disarmed the pipe bomb yesterday afternoon.’
    • ‘The object is, in fact, nothing less than a large pipe bomb.’
    • ‘A police spokesman said: ‘A number of police officers saw a man move forward with what appeared to be a pipe bomb in his hand.’’
    • ‘Army explosives experts were also called to Ahoghill, Co Antrim after a pipe bomb was found outside Dougan's furniture outlet.’
    • ‘Shortly before the announcement on IRA decommissioning, an eight year old Belfast girl was injured by shrapnel in a pipe bomb explosion.’
    • ‘And late yesterday, we also found out that the improvised explosive device that this device was actually holding around his neck was in fact, a pipe bomb.’
    • ‘In March 1999, police in Santa Fe, New Mexico, disarmed a ten-inch pipe bomb left in the Forest Guardians' mailbox.’
    • ‘The rifle and the pipe bomb embody a real sense of violence and the artists are making us think about them in different ways.’
    • ‘This family were attacked by a pipe bomb last May.’
    • ‘I've had recently, within the last ten days, a bomb placed - a pipe bomb placed at my house.’