Definition of pipe-like in US English:



  • Resembling a pipe in shape or structure; long and cylindrical.

    ‘pipe-like steel tubes’
    • ‘Harberton Bridge has a very different, vertical pipe-like geometry.’
    • ‘There were pipe-like snakes coiled like springs, waiting patiently for a minnow to swim under their branch.’
    • ‘A smashing dunk on the inside rattled the long pipe-like supports of the baskets.’
    • ‘The pipe-like drill module follows the bit down.’
    • ‘I think the cables should be more fluid and less pipe-like, though, especially those laying on the ground.’
    • ‘Fluid flowed along the outside of blood vessels, carried through a network of pipe-like protein structures.’
    • ‘Neighbors say they saw them inhaling and holding their breath with a pipe-like object on their shoulders.’
    • ‘A number of vines hung from the pipe-like trees, all a deep emerald green.’
    • ‘They have a small head with a long, thin pipe-like snout and a tail that is about half their total length.’
    • ‘The only fossils I recall seeing that day were masses of a perpendicular pipe-like burrow in the rock.’