Definition of pinwheel in English:



US, North american
  • 1A child's toy consisting of a stick with colored vanes that twirl in the wind.

    • ‘Use a 1/2-inch piece of drinking straw as a spacer between the pinwheel and the stick.’
    • ‘Especially those ostentatious dump trucks; each one full of paintings, streamers, pinwheels, and everything that was shiny.’
    • ‘Edith stated that she blew on the pinwheel from different directions and the best direction to blow should be from the side.’
    • ‘To make pinwheels, cut heavy paper or Mylar into 8-inch squares.’
    • ‘Around the edges of the installation, there were free-standing pinwheels made of map-patterned paper.’
    • ‘They used pinwheels to create a mock wind farm in a prominent location on campus.’
    • ‘She whirls highlights on a luminous sewing bowl of Thiebaud-like cupcakes and several striped foil pinwheels.’
    • ‘In fact, it might be useful to compare the figure to a child's pinwheel that is still and motionless.’
    • ‘Most species, however, do not have polyp leaves, and look more like clubs, umbrellas, or pinwheels.’
    • ‘CRY plans to plant fields of pinwheels in city spaces - an expression of people's commitment to child rights.’
    • ‘I noticed some worshippers bought colorful pinwheels from vendors as they left the temple courtyard.’
    • ‘The fascinating flowerheads of lacecap hydrangeas are also somewhat reminiscent of pinwheels.’
    • ‘This country isn't all puppy dogs and pinwheels, but there's a hell of a lot more to live for here than a lot of places I can think of.’
    • ‘This is due to the fact that our galaxy rotates like a pinwheel.’
    • ‘Sparkly silver pinwheels spin and thin Mylar tinsel twists in the wind as viewers are confronted with their own misinterpretation of the lens' ultimate vanishing point.’
    • ‘We stepped onto a platform and were electronically delivered to a fantasy-land room of singing puppets, merry-go-rounds, and pinwheels.’
    • ‘Tactics like putting a beach ball within the area they are disturbing and letting it blow in the wind and using scarecrows, balloons, and pinwheels can deter them.’
    • ‘The shape of the vanes causes the arrow to spin faster, sort of like wind on the face of those toy pinwheels.’
    1. 1.1A fireworks device that whirls and emits colored fire.
      • ‘As usual, we lashed firecrackers and pyrotechnics to the frame, stuffed a mortar in its mouth, and added a blazing pinwheel for the beast's eye.’
      • ‘As the first pinwheel of light burst, the sparks seemed to race forward to capture Emily.’
      • ‘We are near the edge of the pinwheel so we move pretty quickly.’
    2. 1.2Something shaped or rotating like a pinwheel.
      • ‘I left the cabin and picked up my fishing rod, which Ishmael had festooned with some very sexy lures, including a neon-green pinwheel.’
      • ‘Inside purple and green mist swirled around incessantly in pinwheels.’
      • ‘The green one has mocha pinwheels, and the red one has nut meringues.’
      • ‘Inserted into the void was a smaller white canvas, on which Grosse used a thick brush to paint kinetic pinwheels of translucent color.’
      • ‘This cookie is a spin on traditional pinwheels, in which plain and chocolate doughs are swirled together.’
      • ‘The crisp dynamic shifts and organized flourishes whet your appetite for more of the same, especially during the radiant synth pinwheels of the chorus.’
      • ‘Roadmap-patterned wallpaper lined the elevator's interior, and an array of pinwheels and movable disk sculptures were laid out on shelves.’
      • ‘They do things that Streb finds real - moves called dominoes, slices, ex-flips, inside-outs, sparkles, pinwheels, sidelines, and slams.’
      • ‘A turkey vulture is a slow pinwheel in the sky, a marker above Cather's prairie.’
      • ‘Ninja Wars: A pretty girl in a kimono runs through a bamboo thicket, flailing her arms around like pinwheels.’
      • ‘In it, two pinwheels of triangles are set inside the curves of a large horizontal S shape.’
      • ‘One of life's great frustrations is to see a frantic pinwheel of birds beyond the third bar and out of casting reach.’
      • ‘Well, it's now a pinwheel of rain and storms soaking much of the eastern U.S.’
      • ‘By holding the pinwheel still, we can examine its various points and notice their distinct characteristics.’


[NO OBJECT]North american
  • Spin or rotate like a pinwheel.

    • ‘He's completely overserved and slack jawed, his eyes are pinwheeling, searching his own field of vision to look at my buddy.’
    • ‘There was one TV image that I wish I hadn't seen - of some man jumping off one tower, arms and legs pinwheeling desperately in his last moments.’
    • ‘They'll gasp, stagger back, clutch their chests, and pinwheel their arms for balance, all the while looking around for someone to confirm their indignation.’
    • ‘Also in London, Italian architect Renzo Piano breaks open the normally closed body of the tower, with surface planes that pinwheel out from the body into turning facets.’
    • ‘Just like in the movies, my eyes opened wide, and I pinwheeled my arms (probably in slow motion), and then I crashed to the floor on my elbow.’
    • ‘Her cookies range from chocolate chip to pinwheel and are always the highlight of any dessert.’
    • ‘Then, arms pinwheeling, he lost balance and toppled over backwards.’
    • ‘I was 9 and learning the game from my father and grandfather; I pinwheeled my bat in imitation, and exuded joy every time I picked up my mitt.’
    • ‘But he raced forward anyway, feeling his bare feet slap down against the metal, his arms pinwheeling for balance.’
    • ‘More importantly, it provides a kind of centre of gravity around which the main living volume begins to pinwheel.’
    • ‘He pinwheeled with one arm, then yanked me toward him with the arm he had a hold of.’
    • ‘But to visit in the spring or fall, when millions of birds are pinwheeling through the heavens, is to realize that there are other, much older claims here, too.’
    • ‘When your husband looks into your pinwheeling eyes and asks what you've had to eat today, say, ‘Some toast, I think.’’
    • ‘Yap fell for a few moments, arms pinwheeling madly, then he vanished.’
    • ‘Threatening or dishonest telegrams, or anonymous notes pushed under the door, set several plots pinwheeling.’
    • ‘She pinwheeled end-over-end and out of sight as I hopped up and down, holding my right foot and grimacing like Oliver Hardy.’
    • ‘Zoe screeched and pinwheeled her arms as if trying to drive away a horde of mosquitoes, knocking his own arm down.’
    • ‘I apologize for any pinwheeling of eyeballs the post may have provoked.’
    • ‘He took a lurching, awkward step forward, his arms pinwheeling for balance.’
    • ‘It pinwheeled into the wall, smashing Ronnie's mirror.’
    • ‘Forty minutes later we have the fish pinwheeling to Richard's hands under a leaden sky, McVeigh and his boat ROSGILL hovering in attendance.’