Definition of pintle in English:



  • One of the pins (on the forward edge of a rudder) that fit into the gudgeons and so suspend the rudder.

    • ‘The internal armament of the helicopter comprises a pintle mounted 7.62 mm machine gun and a door gunner post for a 12.7mm general purpose machine gun.’
    • ‘Looking closely, a much smaller gun rests on its pintle alongside.’
    • ‘Staying on the seabed at this side of the wreck, you can see a small pile of chain, then two small gun pintles fallen on their sides before a larger gun platform and pintle, again resting on its side perpendicular to the wreck.’
    • ‘The hinges are flat straps across the front, which bend over the pintles and form a short neat strap on the back, ending in split curls.’
    • ‘A little further aft, pintles and ammunition for machine guns and rapid-firing anti-aircraft guns lie on the seabed, with a gun and its armoured shield among the debris.’
    • ‘The gun itself has been salvaged, though the pintle remains.’
    • ‘Off to one side, an intact 12-pounder stern gun lies on one side, still fixed to its pintle.’
    • ‘The gun pintle stands securely in the centre of the platform but there is no sign of the gun, either on the platform or on the seabed below.’


Old English pintel ‘penis’, perhaps a diminutive; compare with Dutch pint and German Pint ‘penis’, of unknown ultimate origin.