Definition of pint pot in US English:

pint pot


  • A beer glass or mug that holds a pint, especially one made of pewter.

    • ‘Jolyon spent 12 days in a coma after being hit on the back of the head with a pint pot before dying on Christmas Day 2002.’
    • ‘Right I'm off; tonight I will mostly be looking for inspiration at the bottom of a pint pot, cheers!’
    • ‘The initiative involves encouraging landlords to use plastic pint pots instead of glasses, which could be used as weapons, and introducing a radio communication system between door and bar staff.’
    • ‘Should glass pint pots and bottles be banned from city centre pubs?’
    • ‘He might have his champagne in a pint pot but that's as close as he will get.’
    • ‘In 1962, Phil Rogers's ball finished in somebody's pint pot.’
    • ‘After a few more drinks and dropping a few more quids off into various pint pots, I was a bit sozzled and wanted to go.’
    • ‘The glasses, which cost just a few pence more than a normal pint pot, have properties similar to windscreen safety glass and shatter into small pieces if used as a weapon.’
    • ‘‘We simply cannot go on for ever trying to get a quart out of a pint pot,’ Dr Pickersgill said.’
    • ‘We'll be back next year and we're determined to bring back the gold and if not we'll nick a couple of tablecloths and pint pots from the hotel.’
    • ‘Attention to lubrication detail was not forgotten either, as Richie's mic stand incorporated a pint pot holder.’
    • ‘Pools of beer, crushed plastic pint pots, fans still high on it fumbling for fags and staggering door-wards.’
    • ‘Well, that's the safer pint pot developed to reduce the danger of glassing.’
    • ‘He splashes the contents of a pint pot over bassist Tracy Smith, Paul is visibly incensed.’
    • ‘Trying to fit a quart into a pint pot really is very difficult.’
    beaker, cup
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pint pot

/ˈpaɪnt ˌpɑt/