Definition of pinstriped in US English:



  • (of cloth) having a pattern of very narrow stripes.

    ‘a black pinstriped suit’
    • ‘The pastor's daughter in the bulky pinstriped trouser suit seems to think better of her brief triumphal gesture.’
    • ‘He is sporting several days of stubble and a pinstriped second-hand sports jacket over an inside-out T-shirt.’
    • ‘If the pinstriped boxer shorts had eyes, they would most assuredly be rolling.’
    • ‘He is wearing a navy-blue blazer and a custom-made pinstriped shirt with his initials stitched into the cloth just above the belt.’
    • ‘He was rather surprised to see the unconscious man in his full pinstriped uniform slumping down in his seat.’
    • ‘Arranged on the wall were various pairs of old jeans and pinstriped overalls whose legs overlapped and intertwined with each other.’
    • ‘He stood tall and handsome in his navy-blue jacket and black pinstriped waistcoat.’
    • ‘The detailing on pinstriped pants can give any shirt more consideration.’
    • ‘There is a notable lack of moire rainbows, given Harry's checkered suit and pinstriped tie.’
    • ‘These are two bespectacled guys in pink pinstriped boiler suits, who recite poetry over early-80s-style music.’