Definition of pinstripe in US English:



  • 1A very narrow stripe in cloth, especially of the type used for formal suits.

    • ‘Also very summery are the whitewashed pastel cotton pants, bold cotton stripes and abstract floral prints and pinstripes on denim, cotton satin and viscose stretch fabrics.’
    • ‘What I did notice is that this season's colours - black and white and pinstripes - have really taken off in Cape Town, as almost everyone wore one or the other.’
    • ‘I'm not referring to Hawaiian prints and palm trees on your shirt, but I am talking about checks, windowpane, houndstooth, or pinstripes.’
    • ‘Even my ‘staple’ stores were full of black and brown, pinstripes and tweed.’
    • ‘She was wearing a business suit, black with pinstripes and a white dress shirt beneath the suit jacket.’
    • ‘Don it with your favorite brown, navy or earth tone suit - solid or pinstripe.’
    • ‘Rich embroideries and pinstripes take a romantic turn.’
    • ‘As a rule of thumb, you should try to match your shirt and tie with your suit - either with the background color or the pinstripes.’
    • ‘Other get-ups, like Anna Lee's ruffled shirts and tailored suits with painted-on pinstripes for Revolver Modèle make sartorial references to a band's sonic influences.’
    • ‘The clothes were immaculately cut, Mary's grey flannels, pinstripes and wool velours were really, really good clothes.’
    • ‘Herringbone, pinstripe and houndstooth are everywhere too, adding a classic look to the winter collection which is expected in the shops this month.’
    • ‘Checks and pinstripes are bowing out to colours, frill and funk.’
    • ‘Men's suiting slims down and experiments with non-traditional fabrics such as velvet with bold pinstripes.’
    • ‘A navy diagonal pinstripe over a dusty pink and gray background creates this picture-perfect diagonal striped tie by Gucci, boasting flawless design and timeless style.’
    • ‘Solid colors are most appropriate, however pinstripes, herringbone, tweed and some plaids are acceptable.’
    • ‘For when men get their blood boiling it is irrelevant to the mind whether it be in pinstripes or khakis or white collars.’
    • ‘It has a full athletic cut with set-on short sleeves in a solid contrasting color that matches the pinstripe.’
    • ‘There was stuff for the men too - from the biker look to the retro pinstripes and blazer stripes and also denim.’
    • ‘It can even be worn with a light gray suit featuring beige pinstripes, or simply a beige suit.’
    • ‘The tailoring is classic and structured and the subtle pinstripes and tonal coloured checks feature soft detailing.’
    1. 1.1 A pinstripe suit.
      • ‘The English pinstripes have new designs, and there are new colours for the fustians, like dark topaz or deep ruby.’
      • ‘They can seem crusty, Eighties phenomena who have singularly failed to get out of their pinstripes, Jermyn Street shirts and carefully-knotted ties.’
      • ‘A table of them giggled over US $5 and US $10 bets: young men in pinstripes and Hermes ties, women in bobs and pearls.’
      • ‘I turned to see a man on the pavement, all suited up in pale pinstripes and cravat, battered Bible in his right hand.’
      • ‘This year's collection from Libra features neatly tailored trouser suits - classic pinstripes for day wear, and satin panelling for after six.’
      • ‘Will I get out of practice, put on one of those fancy pinstripes with a handkerchief neatly placed in the front pocket, and greedily mine the inefficiencies of our health care system?’
      • ‘On the day of our visit, a little old man in tattered pinstripes wondered aloud, ‘Is it him?’’
      • ‘An interesting thing about the Rt Hon Winston when he walks into this House in his pinstripes, dressed like a zebra - black, white, black, white - is that he finds it very hard to strike a position.’
      • ‘The dictator in pinstripes was in Geneva addressing the meeting at a time when it is well known that his regime is planning to tighten its grip on the net by routing all e-mail through a government-owned hub.’
      • ‘Guys with impossibly British suits, seersucker or pinstripe with red rep ties.’
      • ‘I mentioned in the comments recently about some of the larger Savile Row customers walking in off the street and ordering four suits at a time. Say, two pinstripes, a navy blue and a charcoal grey.’
      • ‘Looks this season include serious pinstripes and classic business suits in plain wool fabrics.’
      • ‘He has a rumpled, boyish look to him, resembling the actor Michael Keaton in dowdy pinstripes and a button-down shirt.’
      • ‘That ‘mythos’ still lives, although the buckskins have been traded in for pinstripes.’
      • ‘For your pinstripes, opt for a smart pair of shiny posillipo shoes, patent leather formal shoes, or Santa Barbara shoes.’
      • ‘In contrast, the dress code was strictly 1930s gangster chic, with the men in pinstripes and fedoras while the women sported shawls and feathered caps.’
      • ‘However hard you try to change impressions the immediate image is of a pinstripe, a bowler hat and exclusivity.’
      • ‘One is plain black, one is a black pinstripe and one is a navy pinstripe.’
      • ‘The guys in pinstripes won't give the Sox a shred of bulletin-board material to rally around.’
      • ‘He looks terribly uncomfortable without his facial hair and raucous teammates, his demeanor far too serious as he goes about his ‘business’ in corporate pinstripes.’


  • Relating to baseball, especially to the New York Yankees or other teams whose suits feature pinstripes.

    ‘a play that instantly became part of pinstripe legend’
    • ‘Then, facing elimination and protecting a 1-0 lead in Game 3, shortstop Derek Jeter made a play that instantly became part of pinstripe legend.’