Definition of pinotage in English:



  • 1A variety of red wine grape grown in South Africa, produced by crossing Pinot Noir and other varieties.

    • ‘Another goal was to upgrade the quality of the rustic indigenous pinotage and plant more Cabernet and Merlot.’
    • ‘It soon came to life bursting with all the spicy warm flavours of pinotage.’
    • ‘All worthy wines, for sure, but it is in their left-field selections for the vineyard - Syrah and pinotage - that Muddy Water's proprietors have revealed their artistry.’
    • ‘More than a few wine-producing regions have a grape they like to call their own: South Africans pine for pinotage, Aussies are smitten with Shiraz; and Californians are zany for Zinfandel.’
    1. 1.1 Red wine made from the pinotage grape.
      • ‘Cooking spag bol, drinking a pinotage while the rain splishes down outside.’
      • ‘South Africa's great gift to the wine world is pinotage.’
      • ‘Merrill added that he thought pinotage should be made a national hero while Spurrier agreed with the Australian about the high level of tannin in our Cabernet Sauvignons and some of the Shiraz.’


Blend of Pinot (Noir) and Hermitage, names of types of grape.