Definition of pinner in US English:



  • A person who makes pins or nails; a pinmaker.


  • 1A close-fitting cap worn by women (especially of high social status) in the 17th and 18th centuries, having a long flap or lappet on either side, sometimes worn fastened on the breast or pinned up on the head.

  • 2An apron, usually with a bib; a pinafore. Compare "pinny". Now historical and rare.

  • 3A person who fastens or attaches something with a pin; specifically a person who pins pieces of paper bearing songs on a board, wall, etc., and offers them for sale (now historical).

  • 4A person who inserts the pins in the revolving cylinder of a barrel organ or (occasionally) a musical box.


Middle English. From pin + -er<br>late 16th century; earliest use found in Of Good & Perfect Remembrance: Bolton Wills & Inventories. From pin + -er.