Definition of pinking shears in US English:

pinking shears

plural noun

  • Shears with a serrated blade, used to cut a zigzag edge in fabric to prevent it from fraying.

    • ‘Her DIY suggestions include cutting fabric scraps with pinking shears to create colourful gift tags, and threading metallic cord with broken jewellery and glass beads to make colourful decorations.’
    • ‘You may also find a fabric-store swatch, cut with pinking shears and posted on the fridge.’
    • ‘To create colorful ‘mats,’ cut pieces of plaid fabric slightly smaller than the clipboard, Use pinking shears to add interest to the edges.’’
    • ‘Rubber stamp your designs onto card stock, and cut the edges with pinking shears.’
    • ‘I was allowed to use the sacred sewing scissors and pinking shears!’
    • ‘Gather the top, trim with pinking shears, and tie the bag shut with a pretty ribbon.’
    • ‘This isn't as common today, but pinking shears are good for reducing bulk in finished seams on nonwovens like knits and fleece, and cutting decorative edges.’
    • ‘Or do I need to go and attack it with pinking shears?’
    • ‘Cut rectangles using pinking shears to reduce raveling with repeated washings.’
    • ‘To make the caterpillar, use pinking shears to cut a leaf shape from green felt.’
    • ‘I dreamed of gingham, and wondered if I had a pair of pinking shears.’
    • ‘There are cases where a suspect has broken a diskette and cut the magnetic media inside the disk with pinking shears.’
    • ‘Where other bunkers flow in pretty cloverleafs and ovals as if cut out of the land with delicate pinking shears, the bunkers at Bethpage seem gouged by some mammoth prehistoric beast in a foul mood.’
    • ‘Trim with pinking shears and create a pie crust.’
    • ‘I use heavy-duty shears to cut the plastic, although I've been known to use a paper cutter and even pinking shears.’
    • ‘The words themselves were dropped out of red banners, the ends of which appeared to have been cut with enormous pinking shears to achieve the zigzag effect associated with rustic signage.’
    • ‘Use pinking shears to trim the appliqué fabric 1/2' outside the motif stitching.’
    • ‘Cut the edges of the mats with pinking shears for added interest.’’
    • ‘Using pinking shears, trim 1/4' from each lamé edge.’
    • ‘To soften the feel, use pinking shears to cut a piece of knit tricot interfacing and fuse it to the embroidery wrong side. The pinked edge helps prevent show through.’


pinking shears

/ˈpiNGkiNG ˌSHirz//ˈpɪŋkɪŋ ˌʃɪrz/