Definition of pinheaded in US English:



  • Stupid; foolish.

    • ‘In one of these scenes, the portrait of the emperor has been recarved rather awkwardly to represent his successor Nerva, resulting in a somewhat disproportionate pinheaded effect.’
    • ‘I thought better of it, until I saw him on the monitor re-hashing the show nearly two years after the fact with the show's trio of pinheaded yobos.’
    • ‘The last picture, a deadpan rear view of a pinheaded clown with large, circular ears, looks convincingly like a collaboration between Philip and Don.’
    • ‘As the endlessly sweet but slightly pinheaded stewardess-to-be Donna, She is yum-yum-yummy in a procession of miniskirts, bikinis, halter tops and other wardrobe choices that make the most of her lithe legginess.’
    • ‘I'm a pinheaded businessperson so I'm waiting for the PowerPoint slides.’
    • ‘There was no way of knowing whether the pinheaded agent had managed to get anything worthwhile.’
    • ‘Scooter could be a pinheaded figure doing yoga, but could also be offering up a large round rump.’
    • ‘New York night life in all its true, hilarious, horrific, poignant and pinheaded glory.’
    • ‘How the hell did you get into Hillsdale with this kind of pinheaded thinking?’
    • ‘There's something wistfully pinheaded about deliberative democracy - it sounds a lot like law school.’
    • ‘Yes, ‘uh’, you pinheaded embodiment of the word ‘carelessness’.’
    • ‘He was, to be sure, was a loose cannon given to pinheaded statements urging laity to not go to Mass.’
    • ‘As one particularly pinheaded TV critic put it, ‘Because of his primary contribution to the medium, he is likely to only be mourned by his family and colleagues.’’
    foolish, stupid, unintelligent, idiotic, brainless, mindless, witless, imbecilic, imbecile, doltish
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