Definition of pinger in US English:



  • A device that transmits short high-pitched signals at brief intervals for purposes of detection, measurement, or identification.

    • ‘There is a need for an independent study on tuna driftnetting, with observers on trial vessels, using net pingers.’
    • ‘‘We let it go and track it with an ultrasonic pinger that emits a signal from the camera,’ Greene said.’
    • ‘The fishermen want the issue to be taken up by the Department because, they argue, some countries affected by the ban have now introduced the usage of pingers to allow them catch tuna by the pre-ban method.’
    • ‘Alarms known as pingers that are attached to fishing nets can annoy whales, dolphins and porpoises enough that they swim away to safety.’
    • ‘He is one of 90 California fishermen who must use pingers when deploying drift nets for swordfish and thresher shark.’
    • ‘The pingers transmit signals year-round, allowing the scientists to collect data even after they have returned home.’
    • ‘The second camera run experienced initial difficulties when the second pinger available on the ship turned out not to be an oceanographic pinger but rather a location beacon.’
    • ‘It has a lot to attract anyone with an interest in the sea and will particularly interest fishermen in the current edition where it deals with bycatches and the use of pingers to warn dolphins away from nets.’
    • ‘We've got a GPS for tracking, and a black box with a pinger so we can find the rocket no matter where it lands.’
    • ‘Attaching pingers to the shark nets may help reduce dolphin catches.’
    • ‘In 2004, following an airliner crash in Sharm-El-Sheikh, the French Navy hired GPS equipment to relocate the black boxes' pingers, Hubert said.’
    • ‘We have already purchased significant quantities of pingers which deter cetacean by-catch.’