Definition of piney in English:


(also piny)


  • Of, like, or full of pines.

    • ‘The watercress soup on the main menu was richer than expected and piney green, with an optional topping of whipped cream and sevruga caviar.’
    • ‘Leaving Fairly, the families wander westward for three days, after which Zechariah leads his son Rector to a spot deep within ‘the piney wood’ where both kneel and wait all night.’
    • ‘I heave a sigh and look out at the patio, where Forrest Bentley awaits me, with those piney green eyes that no longer hold the mystery they once did.’
    • ‘Then we realized that it actually made our stateroom smell all nice and piney instead of like a closet-sized space with no windows that three people had been living in for a week.’
    • ‘Conifers are very useful for architectural shape, for a piney scent on a sunny day, for playing hide and seek around, and for a surprising variety of green, from dark bottle to turquoise.’
    • ‘But soon the plantation owners got in on the act, and often they would venture down to the clearing in the piney woods behind their carriage houses and watch the slaves couple-off and perform the dance.’
    • ‘As soon as Alex thought it was safe, he took Sara out in the piney woods north of town to a big clearing away from prying eyes where she could practice her flying.’
    • ‘North Manitou Island, Michigan: White-sand beaches and protected bird habitats encourage lollygagging on this piney isle.’
    • ‘Sitting right there in the piney woods on a sunny autumn afternoon, with the birds twittering in the trees, me and a frisbee catching deer named Pete watched Hell itself go up in smoke.’
    • ‘Heading south on Highway 45 just outside of Huntsville, the Death Capitol of Texas, one might see vultures circling the dark piney woods that surround the little town.’
    • ‘We arrived at 3 p.m. yesterday, and the kids eagerly invaded the piney, three-level Tyra condominium complex.’
    • ‘When customers pull into the parking lot, instead of a paved lot, they find themselves in a typical central Florida piney flatwoods.’
    • ‘‘That's all right,’ Forrest says, smiling that lazy smile at me with his piney green eyes.’
    • ‘Quebecers buy 625,000 bikes a year - some of which will surely be rolled under piney Christmas tree branches soon enough.’
    • ‘It features great ski touring, with a scenic 44 kilometer trail system that runs along Lake Itasca and nearby Mary Lake, through piney woods and open meadows.’
    • ‘The Day Trekker the lumbar and is best suited for those looking for an easy, unencumbered ramble in their favorite piney copse.’
    • ‘Branzino filets (three of them) are impeccably poached, barely firm and incredibly flavorful of piney sage leaves.’
    • ‘After a recent day with Hill, I discovered a little of that magic in my jacket pocket on the drive home: the piney scent of a sprig of rosemary.’
    • ‘Slightly piney, with a tiny taste of mint and ginger thrown in, it's an unforgettable flavor that can seem pungent or sweet, depending on how it's used.’
    • ‘The arches tend to be on high piney ridges, whittled by water and wind and, in the case of a slender pillar at Sky Bridge Arch, by pocketknives.’