Definition of pinch-hit in English:



  • 1Bat in place of another player, typically at a critical point in the game.

    ‘he pinch-hit for O'Brien and grounded out’
    • ‘Why didn't he pinch-hit for Dent, the weakest link in the Yankee batting order?’
    • ‘Jackson, who had been sitting out with a hamstring pull, actually did make an appearance in the game when he pinch-hit for Dick Green.’
    • ‘In a game against Baltimore last week, Manuel pinch-hit for Anderson after the Orioles brought in a lefthander.’
    • ‘Bob Bartum then pinch-hit for center fielder Don Landrum and hit a sacrifice fly to bring home the winning run.’
    • ‘The Red Sox were losing 6-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning when I pinch-hit for Roger Moret.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Act as a substitute for someone, especially in an emergency.
      ‘last year I briefly pinch-hit for a movie critic on leave’
      • ‘Well, speaking of a pause, time for us to take another pause, Dan Rather with Jay Leno, pinch-hitting tonight for Larry King.’
      • ‘And she pinch-hits for Kelly, and she does a fine job.’



/ˈpinCH ˈˌhit//ˈpɪntʃ ˈˌhɪt/