Definition of pimpled in US English:



  • See pimple

    • ‘In person, he is unassuming: of medium height, his face slightly pimpled, his teeth a little crooked.’
    • ‘A regime of yours, would be like, no doubt, being ruled by pimpled teens.’
    • ‘His flesh was pimpled and pockmarked with disease, and his eyelids drooped over purple-ish sags of skin.’
    • ‘Whether it is the launch of a shiny new car or a dry soap cake, you have models, with cakes of make-up on their pimpled faces purring and pouting, and bare-chested males flexing their muscles.’
    • ‘I trust that Mr. Smith is not too skinny, too pale, too awkward, too pimpled, too hairy, too smooth, too weak, or too ugly since he feels that he is in a position to cast stones at those of us who do not measure up to his ideal of perfection.’