Definition of pilot boat in English:

pilot boat


  • A boat used to transport maritime pilots to and from ships.

    • ‘For a typical job, I climb from a 70-foot-long pilot boat onto the rope ladder of a 1,000-foot ship.’
    • ‘In desperation, Mr Aplin paid a port authority member $20 dollars to get them on a pilot boat which was being used to get a member of staff from the ship to the quayside.’
    • ‘When the pilot boat departed, two small inflatables pulled alongside.’
    • ‘The route is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world and so each crew had a pilot boat keeping an eye out for ships and guiding the rowers’
    • ‘Crowds gathered later in the morning at Bonza Bay beach to watch it being towed into the ocean by the National Ports Authority pilot boat Tristan Tern.’
    • ‘A pilot boat was heading towards them which would guide the ship in after a customs inspection.’
    • ‘Late yesterday evening the former pilot boat was towed past its replacement, HMS Wilton, as it lay off Southend Pier.’
    • ‘It was unable to bring the fish back to the quay and the pilot boat, Twist and Turn, was sent to fetch it.’
    • ‘The incident on the pilot boat spurred harbour bosses to serve an injunction on the striking boatmen, preventing them from a repeat protest.’
    • ‘After thirty years' service with the Harbour Commissioners on the pilot boat in Dunmore East, Thomas Burke, Crooke, retired recently.’
    • ‘The little pilot boat had rounded a jetty and was chugging toward the Kingfisher: the meager crew stripped bare as they tended the clattering engine.’
    • ‘The incident took place on Sunday afternoon, when the pilot was climbing a ladder between the shuttle tanker Petrotroll and the harbour department's pilot boat.’
    • ‘The local ferry stopped and the pilot boat did not operate.’
    • ‘A pilot boat in contact with the Coast Guard conducted a search but found nothing.’
    • ‘The authority used its pilot boat to drive towards and alongside seal rocks at night, aiming a search light at the mammals to determine their response to noise and light.’
    • ‘The rescue plan involved ‘dragging’ the whale from the shallow water by means of a powerful pilot boat, donated by Portnet.’
    • ‘Two port tug boats and a pilot boat escorted the SAS Mendi to the East London harbour yesterday morning.’
    • ‘Her duties included being taken by pilot boat and climbing a rope ladder, often in stormy conditions, to any boat in the Barry Roads which had a suspected case of infectious disease.’
    • ‘Tugs and a pilot boat are moving purposefully alongside. Soon, the liner will slip its anchor and sail off, the orchestra playing and the crowds on deck waving as it ploughs on into the cold Atlantic.’
    • ‘In a separate incident yesterday, the pilot boat sent to take samples from the Hoy oil slick ended up going to the rescue of the local fishing vessel Merlin.’