Definition of pillow lava in US English:

pillow lava


  • Lava which has solidified as rounded masses, characteristic of eruption under water.

    count noun ‘pillow lavas can now be seen along the once volcanic coast of Green Gardens’
    • ‘The group includes melange which consists of greywacke, limestone, pillow lava, gabbro and serpentenite blocks in a black shale matrix.’
    • ‘Three pillow lava sites yielded data with westerly declinations and moderately inclined positive inclinations.’
    • ‘Below water this has cooled and solidified into a reef of billowing pillow lava that splurges across the sand, leaving deep undercuts, caves and arches.’
    • ‘The upper flow unit is well exposed in the Prospect Park quarry and is made up of three types of lava flow structures: massive, columnar basalt, subaqueous, pahoehoe flow lobes, and bedded pillow lava.’
    • ‘The ophiolitic rocks comprise a complete ophiolite stratigraphy: i.e. ultramafic cumulates, gabbro, sheeted dykes, pillow lava and local chert and limestone.’


pillow lava

/ˈpilō ˈlävə/