Definition of pillar box in English:

pillar box


  • (in the UK) a large red cylindrical public mailbox.

    • ‘Why has my accountant chosen late December to send me a card with a picture of a pillar box on it, and my lawyer one with a picture of an umbrella on it?’
    • ‘British forces personnel can still post letters home in a red UK pillar box.’
    • ‘Thus fortified we floated off around the town, discovering on the way that I could leapfrog an enormous pillar box!’
    • ‘A pillar box was set alight in the Washwood Heath ward, apparently to destroy postal votes.’
    • ‘Another pillar box in Lucan village was moved to a street in Dublin 4.’
    • ‘Before its installation, the nearest pillar box was on the Hilton Road estate meaning residents had to cross busy Somnes Avenue and face a ten to 15 minute trek.’
    • ‘I recently posted a letter in the pillar box outside County Hall in Penrhyn Road, Kingston, at about 9.30 am.’
    • ‘If you're American, drop it into a mailbox; if British, into a pillar box (whence, confusingly, their mail is collected by the US Postal Service and our post by Royal Mail).’
    • ‘The pillar box was removed from outside the former Fishergate Post Office in Fulford Road earlier this year, following the closure of the office.’
    • ‘They are particularly keen to speak to a person seen on the film posting a letter in a pillar box.’
    • ‘They have replaced it with a big pillar box in the cul-de-sac at Cross End Fold.’
    • ‘The first pillar boxes were erected in 1889 and the first house-to-house deliveries took place in 1896.’
    • ‘Mr Fisher said: ‘We get about 500 requests a year to remove graffiti and the most targeted areas tend to be gateways and corridors into the city, on street furniture such as Telecom or pillar boxes.’’
    • ‘Councils across Greater Manchester have swapped the ballot box for the pillar box in a bid to stamp out low turnouts.’
    • ‘Cheating reached such depths that a pillar box was set alight in an attempt to destroy completed ballot papers, she said.’
    • ‘In the course of her work as suffragette organiser Miss Schuster, a spinster, we are told, used to firebomb pillar boxes.’
    • ‘Firefighters were called to the fire in the pillar box in Stray Road, Burnholme, at about 7.20 last night after receiving reports that two rockets had been put inside it.’
    • ‘Fireworks were stuffed into the pillar box in Hastilar Road South, on the Manor estate in Sheffield, on Wednesday morning.’
    • ‘As I continued round the green I saw that these sheets were stuck up everywhere, on hoardings, on pillar boxes, on passing dogs, on to the faces of tramps (OK, not the last two).’
    • ‘It was followed in the 1850s by the introduction of pillar boxes (a suggestion of Anthony Trollope), which put an end to the bellmen who had rung for final collections.’


pillar box

/ˈpɪlər ˌbɑks//ˈpilər ˌbäks/