Definition of pigtail in US English:



  • 1A braid or gathered hank of hair hanging from the back of the head, or either of a pair at the sides.

    ‘she had her hair done in pigtails’
    • ‘Hell, I hope it's a three-year-old girl, with big blue eyes and curly blonde hair in pigtails.’
    • ‘Standing next to her was a young girl of about 10 with brown hair in pigtails, blue eyes and darkish skin.’
    • ‘I spun around to see Rebecca with her hair in pigtails and pom-poms in her hand.’
    • ‘I imagined cute little blonde, with hair in pigtails just above her ears, and maybe a little pink sundress.’
    • ‘But hang on, isn't it half price if you have your hair in pigtails?’
    • ‘She had her hair in pigtails that went around her chin, curling under.’
    • ‘He half expected her hair to be in pigtails with ribbons.’
    • ‘She had on a pair of Disney princess sneakers, her hair pulled back in pigtails by pink elastic bands.’
    • ‘Pink ponytail holders held her white hair in pigtails, and there was a cherry flush in her cinnamon cheeks.’
    • ‘I was about to signal for music when a little six-year-old girl waddled up to me with her yellow sunflower sandals on, and a simple summer outfit, her hair tied up in pigtails.’
    • ‘The only thing out of the ordinary was her hair, held in pigtails, and snow-white; and her eyes, pure white, iris-free and like untouched snow.’
    • ‘It's starting to look stupid when you wear your hair in pigtails.’
    • ‘The blondes of this world can convey an innocence us dark-haired chicks will never be able to pull off, even when we wear our hair in pigtails.’
    • ‘Allison, as a child, wore a light pink dress with her strawberry-blonde hair done up in pigtails.’
    • ‘She had long flowing black hair tied in pigtails high on her head with three little bells attached to each.’
    • ‘She pointed to the left side of the room, to a table that a boy with midnight black hair and a girl with blonde hair up in pigtails sat at.’
    • ‘She finished putting her hair in pigtails, put on her makeup, and pulled on a white bucket hat.’
    • ‘‘Because every time I've seen you your hair has been in pigtails, so I'm brushing it for you,’ I told her.’
    • ‘The girl had her hair in pigtails or plaits and was wearing a purple coat, black shoes, white tights and a dark skirt.’
    • ‘She was about Leah's size and had her hair in pigtails with red ribbons.’
  • 2A short length of flexible braided wire connecting a stationary part to a moving part in an electrical device.

    • ‘All models include a 24-inch pigtail terminated with an N, female connector.’
    • ‘The optical fiber of the feeder cable is spliced to an input optical fiber of a connectorized pigtail and then split into two or more output optical fibers of connectorized pigtails.’
    • ‘In any case, when more than one wire must be connected to a single terminal, pigtails should always be used.’
    • ‘The antenna was made from a surplus pizza-dish satellite rig, a polished tomato soup can and a length of co-ax that descended to a pigtail with the right fitting for a wireless card.’
    • ‘Twist the ends of the wires being connected with the pigtail wire tightly together.’
  • 3A thin twist of tobacco.

    quid, twist, plug, chew
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