Definition of pignut in English:



  • 1US A hickory tree that bears nuts with thin husks.

    • ‘Then white umbels of pignuts contrast with the drooping honey-scented cream plumes of meadowsweet.’
    • ‘Black oak, red oak, chinquapin oak, bitternut hickory, and pignut hickory are common near hill summits, where the driest conditions prevail.’
    • ‘Summer visitors to Davies Meadows can enjoy wandering amongst an array of wild flowers including green-winged orchids, yellow-rattle, knapweed, pignut and meadow vetchling.’
    • ‘Most likely, it is an American elm, possibly a hickory, of which the best candidate would be the pignut, Carya glabra.’
    • ‘Atop the plateau the dominant trees are white oak, northern red oak, chestnut oak, shagbark hickory, mockernut hickory, and pignut hickory.’
  • 2

    another term for earthnut (sense 1)
    • ‘In spite of the fact that Pignut used to be grubbed up by pigs and people alike for food, it can still be found in open dry woodlands, scrub, sandy heaths, commons and other rough grasslands in most of the British Isles.’
    • ‘I have just got back from a bushcrafting weekend staying in some woods, and in those woods were the most amount of pignuts any of us have ever seen.’