Definition of pigeon breast in US English:

pigeon breast

(also pigeon chest)


  • A deformed human chest with a projecting breastbone.

    • ‘This disease is characterized by bone deformities (such as bow legs, pigeon breast, and knobby bone growths on the ribs where they join the breastbone) and tooth abnormalities.’
    • ‘For a moment it looked as if his puffed out pigeon chest might be the only buffer to halt it.’
    • ‘If anything, this scandal put hair on Woody's pigeon chest.’
    • ‘He wriggles and squirms and pulls his pigeon chest in, all in an effort to help his pal lower the middle berth over his prone body.’
    • ‘They were just making a joke that I was too stupid to get, and once I did, I clutched the Smiths to my pigeon chest, and gave them the love they deserved.’