Definition of piezometer in English:



  • An instrument for measuring the pressure of a liquid or gas, or something related to pressure (such as the compressibility of liquid). Piezometers are often placed in boreholes to monitor the pressure or depth of groundwater.

    • ‘Horizontal movement is measured by inclinometers, and multiple-point vibrating-wire piezometers provide information on groundwater pressure.’
    • ‘Groundwater at the site was measured by installing a piezometer.’
    • ‘The ground investigation included rotary coring, self-boring expansion pressuremeters, self-boring load cells, self-boring permeaters, vibrating-wire piezometers, and the instrumented drilling tests.’
    • ‘Two piezometers were installed to measure groundwater levels.’
    • ‘The instrumentation includes various gauges embedded in the dam structure or installed around the dam body, such as uplift pressure cells, thermometers, piezometers, stress and strain meters, and coordimeters.’


Early 19th century: from Greek piezein ‘press, squeeze’ + -meter.