Definition of Piedmontese in US English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont or its inhabitants.

    ‘the collection was expanded by gifts from Piedmontese aristocrats’
    • ‘He was Piedmontese and like the great majority of his party, he was deeply loyal to the monarchy.’
    • ‘This state was ruled by a Piedmontese dynasty.’
    • ‘We started off the meal with Piedmontese Trugole cheese in a BBQ sauce and I was instantly transported into taste bud heaven.’
    • ‘Francis spoke in flawless Italian with a noticeable Piedmontese accent.’
    • ‘St. John Bosco was the youngest son of Piedmontese peasants.’


  • A native or inhabitant of the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont.

    ‘the Piedmontese entered the city’
    ‘her husband is a Piedmontese’
    • ‘The Piedmontese were not welcome in Venice, but the republic set up there was the historic one destroyed by Bonaparte in 1797.’
    • ‘In 1840, with Bezzi, a Piedmontese, and Wilde, an American, he employed a restorer to search for Giotto's portrait of Dante.’
    • ‘After defeating the Piedmontese, he overcame the Austrians at Lodi and entered Milan on 15 May 1796.’
    • ‘Union with Piedmont became a moot issue when the Austrians forced the Piedmontese out of Lombardy.’
    • ‘He left the city after Garibaldi departed and the Piedmontese took over.’