Definition of pied in US English:



  • Having two or more different colors.

    ‘pied dogs from the Pyrenees’
    • ‘I have done almost no birding, except yesterday when I saw a Hooded Butcherbird sitting on a coconut frond, tilting back its head and ruffling its pied plumage as it whistled its loud, musical song.’
    • ‘One of the best known examples in vertebrates is the cooperative breeding system of the pied kingfisher, where less related secondary helpers invest less in feeding hatchlings.’
    • ‘Fantails, pied tits and bats are also resident.’
    • ‘Near one of the lakes I saw 8 pied kingfishers perched on the top of a date palm, it may have been the parent birds with their recently fledged young.’
    • ‘A few species, such as pied kingfishers and laughing kookaburras are cooperative breeders.’
    • ‘They can explain at length why the bird they saw was definitely a white-eared monarch which no-one could possibly confuse with a pied.’
    • ‘For instance, five species of hornbills - Wreathed, Roufous, Brown, Great pied and Indian pied hornbills - are found there.’
    • ‘Threatened by habitat loss due to urban growth, agriculture, and cattle grazing, the pied tamarin also moves from Endangered to Critically Endangered.’
    • ‘As yet another scorching summer has drawn to a close in Mumbai, one hears the haunting cry of the pied crested cuckoo.’
    • ‘However, both the pied and collared flycatcher females are dull brown.’
    • ‘Again the attraction is bird watching, especially pied shags feeding the young birds in their nests, great crested grebe and large numbers of paradise ducks.’
    • ‘I had asked to see a pied kingfisher, and was taken to a pond where a pair were known to nest.’
    • ‘Those species like the pied kingfisher and the Seychelles warbler, which are able to fledge many more young when assisted, are also the same species that are mostly likely to recognize close relatives.’
    • ‘They have been bred in colors of blue, yellow-green, white, and various pied shades.’
    • ‘Each day as we were walking we saw much wildlife including hooded plovers, pied oyster-catchers, Cape Barren geese, Bennetts wallabies and thrillingly for me, a wombat.’
    black and white, brown and white, skewbald
    multicoloured, variegated, particoloured, tabby, black and white, brown and white, piebald, skewbald, dappled, brindled, brindle, spotted, marked, mottled, speckled, flecked, patchy, blotchy, blotched
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Middle English (originally in the sense ‘black and white like a magpie’): from pie + -ed.