Definition of piece by piece in US English:

piece by piece


  • In slow and small stages.

    • ‘This report is another indication that depression is gradually being figured out piece by piece.’
    • ‘Over the years, piece by piece, the few activists in the cycling press built a case against many of the sport's top competitors.’
    • ‘Despite these obstacles, unification is gradually proving possible, piece by piece.’
    • ‘Little by little, piece by piece, it was all falling perfectly into place.’
    • ‘I had him stand in front of me and slowly we worked it out, piece by piece.’
    • ‘They have collected up our democratic powers piece by piece, hoarding them in the privacy of their own fiefdoms.’
    • ‘The administration's legal framework needs to be examined piece by piece.’
    • ‘I look forward to your reply - we can address these all at once, or piece by piece.’
    • ‘This is a scandal that has been unfolding piece by piece and you can bet it is not anywhere close to being over yet.’
    • ‘So piece by piece, we're putting this puzzle together and we're getting closer to solving the problem.’
    a little at a time, piece by piece, bit by bit, gradually, slowly, in stages, in steps, step by step, little by little, by degrees, by fits and starts, in fits and starts, in bits
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