Definition of pie safe in US English:

pie safe


  • A cupboard with doors featuring decorative pierced tin panels, originally designed to store pies after baking.

    • ‘Before the advent of the ice box, when kitchen cabinets were still more of a luxury than a standard item, a pie safe was considered a prize possession.’
    • ‘A Pie Safe is a piece of early American furniture that kept food free from insects yet let it breath.’
    • ‘She never seemed to mind that the number of cooled tarts she placed in the pie safe was significantly lower than the theoretical yield stated in the recipe.’
    • ‘The old-timey pie safe I've chosen to describe here was originally used to keep freshly baked pastries and desserts out of harm's way while cooling.’
    • ‘The typical Victorian kitchen contains the iron cooking stove, a pie safe, an ice box, and a Hoosier cupboard.’