Definition of piddle in US English:



[no object]informal
  • Urinate.

    • ‘Like Nancy, you won't mind being licked and piddled on in the name of love.’
    • ‘She was so pleased to see me she piddled on the floor out of sheer flooding relief.’
    • ‘Even gents' public toilets are organised so that conversation need not be interrupted by the proceedings; piddling in company seems an integral part of the male bonding experience.’
    • ‘The restless inmates knew that none of us would be transported back to our units until the little fellow had performed, and they began placing immense pressure upon him to piddle.’
    • ‘So far I got poison ivy, got chewed up by gnats, laid down in manure, and your dog piddled all over my car.’
    • ‘No way could I piddle in the young ladies garden in broad daylight, and I certainly didn't know her well enough to ask to use her toilet - I think she was suspicious enough of my motives anyway - I'm sure she thought I fancied her.’
    • ‘I'm sure that was to convince us her dog would never embarrass the family in public by piddling on the water department's property.’
    • ‘He added: ‘It went really well considering we set up cameras in a milking parlour and only one cow piddled on someone.’’
    • ‘The last time I went in there, Friday, there was a girl squatting/sitting on a urinal/trough thing to piddle.’
    • ‘I expected they would just like to piddle in the dirt but it wasn't like that at all.’
    • ‘After all, he dislikes being called ‘man's best friend’ and getting blamed for piddling on a fire-hydrant not to mention someone's parade.’
    • ‘Since when do we need ‘his’ and ‘hers’ appliances to piddle?’
    • ‘The man on the prowl piddled in his Rambo-wannabe camouflage pants and fled the scene.’
    • ‘Finally, Mattie was amazed when a German Shepherd jumped across his fence and piddled in his front garden. Two minutes later his dog did the same thing.’
    • ‘When I asked if I could use the washroom, I was told no, and so I offered to go out and piddle on the porch.’
    • ‘However, we find she has piddled on the bed, which is her particular place, again suggesting that she is feeling insecure about her tenure of the house.’
    • ‘Too bad, because I wanted to bury it and piddle on the spot.’


  • 1An act of urinating.

    • ‘At noontime I let Gus out for a piddle, without attending on him, much less leashing him.’
    • ‘Since I was awake at that hour, I decided to take advantage of that and do a nighttime piddle, and she tried to ensure that I didn't forget she was around by staying fairly glued to my feet.’
    • ‘As I prepared for a piddle in the gloom, a voice from within an open cubicle warned: ‘It's flooded, mate.’’
    • ‘While I was having a piddle I heard a ‘woof’ noise.’
    • ‘Well, she never said what was in her stall, but she and A flushed their toilets, while I layered some paper down and we all had our piddles.’
    1. 1.1 Urine.
      • ‘It may be nasty, but when else will we ever get to see a man eat a snow cone soaked in his own piddle?’
      • ‘Simultaneously, I tried to dig out my PCL from where it was buried in my helmet bag with CamelBaks, crackers, piddle packs, evasion charts, and NVG cases.’
      • ‘I have finally picked myself up off the floor, wiped the tears from my eyes, cleaned up the puddle of piddle, iced the bruised knees, stitched my side…’
      • ‘Clean piddle is traditionally supplied by girlfriends.’
      • ‘Since the average crew lands after a 35-plus hour sortie with more than 80 full piddle packs and a full toilet, the Flight Safety office is pursuing a local modification to the toilet.’

Phrasal Verbs

  • piddle around (or about)

    • Spend time in trifling activities.

      ‘I piddled around the house all day’
      • ‘Lary piddles on for a bit more, but there are only two items worth mentioning.’
      • ‘I'd follow the group, moving along the wall for up to 25 minutes, rise to the reef top and swim back, piddling around under the boat until the 60-minute stated dive time was up.’
      • ‘‘You sit and piddle with your pen at 4 a.m., and you try to figure out how to make it work smoothly,’ Karl says.’
      • ‘We're all golfers, and we're all trying to improve, and we're always piddling around with trying to get a little bit better.’
      • ‘Art gives me a lot of pleasure, both looking at it and piddling around myself.’
      • ‘I've had it with all this piddling around, waiting until the movies are released before patting myself on the back for my brilliant, insightful predictions.’
      • ‘Even better, all her daughter's piddling around the house had freed mother's time up to spend it alone reading her magazines.’
      • ‘The diagrams and the whole business that I got the Nobel Prize for came from that piddling around with the wobbling plate.’
      • ‘If it means withdrawing funding from those piddling around at satellite levels so be it, for better train one properly that give meaningless amounts to many.’
      • ‘I used to live in a hunting community in Somerset; they didn't waste their time piddling about with foxes, but went after deer instead.’
      • ‘There isn't much to be said for the prose style, but it is concise and doesn't piddle around.’
      • ‘We couldn't piddle about waiting for the years to pass.’
      • ‘I gave that up and I just feel like I've been piddling about.’
      • ‘Her father is retired and bored so he piddles with her house and lawn constantly.’
      • ‘Anyhow, I piddled my way around most of the countries over there, saw what there was to see, and barring a novel concept or two, didn't see anything I wanted to make a permanent part of my life.’


Mid 16th century: probably from a blend of piss and puddle.