Definition of picturesqueness in US English:



  • See picturesque

    • ‘But the letter of 17 December is most interesting for its comparison of Naples and Rome, with Rome faring much the worse in terms of its street music: ‘there is absolutely no picturesqueness in the common life of the people.’
    • ‘The first view of the city is really beautiful, surpassing in picturesqueness any other Peruvian city we had seen.’
    • ‘Sydney Harbour on a sunny day really does warrant full marks for picturesqueness.’
    • ‘If so, where does all this picturesqueness stop?’
    • ‘In joyous picturesqueness and fellow-feeling, freedom of eye and heart, or to say it in a word, in general healthiness of mind, these Novels prove Scott to have been amongst the foremost writers.’