Definition of picture writing in US English:

picture writing


  • A mode of recording events by pictorial symbols; pictography.

    • ‘Writing takes many forms. Picture-writing incorporates recognisable images and symbols.’
    • ‘The written form of Sign Language is the picture-writing also called Pictography and Ideography, because it represents ideas and not words or letters.’
    • ‘Picture-writing applies the principles of whole-brain creativity to writing for young readers, allowing you to tap your imagination more deeply and powerfully than you ever thought possible.’
    • ‘They assumed that hieroglyphs were nothing more than primitive picture writing, and that their decipherment relied on a literal translation of the images they saw.’
    • ‘The signs in picture-writing, stylized images, seem to constitute their own silent language.’


picture writing

/ˈpik(t)SHər ˈrīdiNG/