Definition of picritic in US English:



  • See picrite

    • ‘Farther east, the abundance of rift tholeiites and associated high-temperature picritic lavas suggests proximity to break-up and formation as part of a Neoproterozoic SDRS package.’
    • ‘Cretaceous and lower Palaeocene sediments partly covered by Palaeocene-Eocene picritic and basaltic lavas are exposed in the Nuussuaq Basin on the island of Disko and the peninsulas of Nuussuaq and Svartenhuk.’
    • ‘Although partial melting of lherzolitic mantle can produce a range of basaltic magmas, it is also the case that basalts may be the end products of fractional crystallisation of primary picritic magmas.’
    • ‘The nephelinites are conformably overlain by picrites and picritic basalts of the Letaba Formation, although in the southern Lebombo the picrites directly overlie the Clarens Formation.’
    • ‘The picritic lavas and cumulates drilled in westernmost Victoria are compositionally very similar, with low TiO 2.’