Definition of picky in US English:



  • Fastidious, especially excessively so.

    ‘she had been a picky eater as a child’
    • ‘If your child's a picky eater, pay attention to the foods he or she especially likes and adapt the menu as these preferences change.’
    • ‘I'm arguably being somewhat picky, as the phone has many good points.’
    • ‘He also recalls the challenges of trying to please a picky female client who owned four airplanes and several boats.’
    • ‘She only had five dollars left, and Arin was a very picky eater.’
    • ‘In spite of some strong dislikes, though, rats are not picky eaters.’
    • ‘There was once a day when you could afford to be picky, you see.’
    • ‘We are being very picky with estate agents' details - very picky indeed.’
    • ‘This is being very picky, but at £30 a bottle you need to be.’
    • ‘It was late, I was tired and in no mood to be picky about lodging.’
    • ‘The fish were not picky with bread, luncheon meat, cat meat, worms, casters, pellets and maggots offered in various ways.’
    • ‘One-star hotels are best for budget travelers who aren't too picky about where they sleep as long as it's cheap.’
    • ‘To get the downsides out of the way first, our test sample was very picky with the hard drives we used.’
    • ‘I'm less picky, and while I understand their complaint, I worked past it and had a good time.’
    • ‘Rumors have been floating around for years that he was not particularly picky when it came to bed partners.’
    • ‘Given society's obsession with image, it is hardly surprising that we're a little picky when it comes to grocery shopping.’
    • ‘For a freestyle, picky meal, I like a large platter of hot asparagus, scorched on the griddle pan or under the grill.’
    • ‘For eaters picky about the taste of food, liquid calories are easier to get down - no chewing involved.’
    • ‘Call me picky, but these days I'm not sure that's enough.’
    • ‘We prefer to go away unhappy rather than be branded as difficult and picky.’
    • ‘Not only was I a picky eater but it just didn't seem to appeal to me.’
    • ‘This apparently made it good enough for my picky eaters, and they polished off the whole bowl in minutes.’
    • ‘No, I'm saying that I'm not really picky about how ‘realistic’ special effects look.’
    • ‘Also, I am one of those picky people who does notice the difference between CD-quality sound and MP3 compression.’
    • ‘This is probably the most meat-centred restaurant in London and not advised for your picky vegan friends, but perfect for a Sunday.’
    • ‘Maybe I was too old, too grumpy, too picky, too frigid?’
    • ‘Every kid is a picky eater, but if you work around that and go out of your way to always cook for them the things they like, they'll never get over it.’
    • ‘She's a relatively picky eater and likes mostly American meat and potatoes type dishes.’
    • ‘I was a very picky eater, often refusing to eat, unless it was something I wanted.’
    • ‘Those who are picky about sound or video quality might find this a hard pill to swallow, but there's nothing for it.’
    • ‘In short, they're picky eaters, and their appetites are capricious and unpredictable.’
    • ‘Adults are fussy and picky; adults only want to deal in logic and real life.’
    • ‘That is reading widely, not being picky and choosy about what you read.’
    • ‘It's Saturday, the kids are at their father's house and Justin is busy reworking something for a picky client.’
    • ‘Now, I was always the picky eater and my Mom never had the patience to get me to eat. Gran would make me the things I liked and then feed them to me.’
    • ‘And they're usually somewhat picky about what they will or will not take.’
    • ‘Don't mean to seem too picky while asking for help, but I really do need something that meets all these criteria.’
    • ‘Thankfully I was not a picky eater, and an active lifestyle promoted a healthy, almost insatiable appetite.’
    • ‘I'm going to get more picky as the campaign goes on.’
    • ‘But if you're picky about image quality, it's worth tuning the settings to find the finest settings for each picture you save.’
    • ‘A picky eater, Bell never ate vegetables because she didn't know how to prepare them in tasty ways.’
    troublesome, tiresome, trying, exasperating, demanding, unmanageable, intractable, perverse, contrary, recalcitrant, obstreperous, refractory, fractious
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