Definition of pickling in US English:



  • attributive (of food) suitable for being pickled or used in making pickles.

    ‘pickling onions’
    • ‘Dill seed is used whole in pickling spices for pickles and for meats.’
    • ‘Of course, dill is best known as a pickling herb for cucumbers and also green beans, carrots, and beets.’
    • ‘Once during a freezing rain storm, the farmer's pet rabbit wandered out and had last been seen heading toward the pickling spice plots.’
    • ‘Flavored with garlic and pickling spices, these magenta-colored pickled turnips are striking and flavorful when served with pickled peppers.’
    • ‘They immediately recognised it as ossfor, a near worthless pickling herb.’
    • ‘Garnish with mustard oil pickled vegetables and pickling liquid.’
    • ‘Remove from the heat, transfer the fennel and pickling liquid to a medium bowl to cool, and reserve.’
    • ‘Place artichoke hearts, cipollini onions and carrots in a bowl and add pickling liquid; cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.’
    • ‘Using a slotted spoon, transfer the watermelon to a cutting board and discard the pickling liquid.’
    • ‘Take a muslin cloth or clean cotton handkerchief and place the pickling spices, ginger, cinnamon stick and bay leaf inside.’
    • ‘Put all the pickling ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil.’
    • ‘A carefully blended selection of pickling spices is essential.’
    • ‘In western countries, they are a common pickling spice, e.g. in soused herring; they are also often stuck into onions and hams, and for various festive foods such as Christmas pudding, or drinks such as mulled wine.’
    • ‘They store for several months if you layer them with pickling salt in a covered jar in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘Place fillets, sugar, vinegar, pickling spice and peppercorns in a stainless steel saucepan and simmer for 3 minutes.’