Definition of pickerelweed in US English:



  • A freshwater plant with broad arrow-shaped leaves and spikes of blue flowers that was formerly believed to give rise to, or provide food for, young pike.

    Pontederia cordata, family Pontederiaceae

    • ‘The ubiquitous saw grass rattles in the wind, while pond-apple trees, yellow pond lilies, and pickerelweed, with its iridescent purple flowers, line the riverbanks.’
    • ‘Among them are arrow arum, bull-tongue arrowhead, pickerelweed, water lettuce, white water lily, yellow water lily, and the invasive alligator weed.’
    • ‘Pickerelweed is a perennial plant that can grow up to 3 1/2 feet tall.’
    • ‘An aggressive spreader, Pickerelweed will do well in a water garden where it is easily controlled by dividing or planting in containers.’
    • ‘Pickerelweed can be cut and the rhizomes can be dug up but physical control is difficult because it can re-establish from seeds and remaining rhizomes.’