Definition of picker in US English:



  • 1usually with modifier A person or machine that gathers or collects something.

    ‘a tomato picker’
    • ‘Police are still questioning seven people over the deaths of the Chinese cockle pickers.’
    • ‘Likewise, another film highlights the problems of child rag pickers in Delhi.’
    • ‘How great were the reductions in monitoring and turnover costs wrought by the tractor and the mechanical cotton picker?’
    • ‘A mechanical tomato picker developed at public expense by researchers, for instance, greatly reduced labour costs for the large farms that could afford the machine's initial cost.’
    • ‘The action, led by the Coalition of Workers, follows a work stoppage last December and a hunger strike by six tomato pickers two seasons ago.’
    • ‘They drive out of the camp and see a sign asking for cotton pickers.’
    • ‘They provide gloves, bags and litter pickers and they also remove the collected rubbish.’
    • ‘Investigations are continuing after raids on tomato and capsicum pickers and packers near the town.’
    • ‘Homer leaves the orphanage and ends up working with migrant apple pickers.’
    • ‘The chanterelle is the perfect specimen for novice mushroom pickers to spot.’
    • ‘The blues were in part the cotton pickers' lament for a life of serfdom.’
    • ‘Today's tomato pickers toil in often dangerous conditions for rock-bottom wages; they must pick two tons of tomatoes to earn just $50.’
    • ‘They note that if the company paid one cent more for each bushel of tomatoes, tomato pickers ' wages could be roughly doubled.’
    • ‘Additional pressured water is required for mechanical pickers.’
    • ‘She then worked as a fruit picker to raise her children.’
    • ‘But while the migrant pickers may be footloose, they are not carefree.’
    • ‘Mushroom pickers are hailing this autumn's harvests as among the best in recent memory.’
    1. 1.1 (in a warehouse) an employee who gathers products to complete customers' orders for delivery.
      ‘hand-held computers tell the pickers how much of what product has to go to which loading dock’
      • ‘Captains made sure the pickers arrived to work on time and performed their duties as expected.’
      • ‘Adam was a picker, collecting what customers buy from the miles of shelving.’
      • ‘One of the challenges of in-store shopping is that you're your own picker.’
      • ‘In the warehouse of a major direct sales jewelry company, pickers place jewelry boxes on two conveyors that transport them to packing stations.’
      • ‘An army of pickers scour the shelves collecting customer orders at the command of their handheld scanners.’
      • ‘Our Richmond based warehouse facility is looking for quick and efficient order pickers.’
      • ‘She took a job in a book warehouse there and spent her workdays as a picker, sorting books and reading them along the way.’
      • ‘All pickers wear a headset and have a small computer screen with a barcode scanner attached to their forearm thus leaving both hands free for driving the forklift and picking up items.’
      • ‘Lesley, who worked at the factory, slowly worked her way up the ranks after starting out as a warehouse picker.’
  • 2usually with modifier A person who plays a plucked instrument, especially a guitar, banjo, or mandolin.

    ‘banjo pickers’
    • ‘Over an adventurous career he has been a carpenter, welder, Vietnam combat veteran, honky tonk guitar picker, maker of custom Damascus knives and machinist.’
    • ‘In my research I have come across a scattering of three-finger banjo pickers who precede him, and they seem to have connections to the three-finger guitar pickers.’
    • ‘Interviews with the two boys of Wolfstone fame, out-takes and even guitar tunings for budding pickers are included.’
    • ‘Besides being a fine banjo picker and showman, he took an unassuming but near academic interest in folk music.’
    • ‘An energetic piece, it kept us safely apart while the banjo picker and the fiddler fought for dominance of the melody.’