Definition of pick up the tab in English:

pick up the tab


  • Pay for something.

    ‘my company will pick up the tab for all moving expenses’
    • ‘The local authority is picking up the tab for practically all costs associated with the development of the estate.’
    • ‘Moving, even when your employer picks up the tab, is expensive.’
    • ‘When four or more people share a cab, the grateful city picks up the tab.’
    • ‘The province picked up the tab to rebuild the roadway, while the city paid for the sidewalks and boulevard enhancements through frontage levies and general taxation.’
    • ‘After all, while an elderly person is in hospital it is the health authority that picks up the tab for their care, not the council.’
    • ‘You will, however, as a taxpayer be indirectly picking up the tab for the accident.’
    • ‘For example, the company picks up the tab for employees who want to study at third level and provides them with study and exam leave.’
    • ‘But who ultimately picks up the tab for damages awarded against the County Council?’
    • ‘Once injuries are assessed by management and judged genuine, the club picks up the tab for whatever treatment is required.’
    • ‘Now that the state picks up the tab, the ownership structure is an uncomfortable anachronism.’
    pay, pay up, pay out, pay the bill, settle up
    bail someone out
    foot the bill, cough up, fork out, shell out, come across, chip in
    stump up
    ante up, pony up, pick up the check
    bill, invoice, account, statement, list of charges, note of charges, charge, reckoning, tally
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