Definition of pick up the pieces in US English:

pick up the pieces


  • Restore one's life or a situation to a more normal state after a shock or disaster.

    • ‘Now justice has been done they must try to pick up the pieces of their lives - knowing that one piece will be missing for ever.’
    • ‘With mother hospitalised through the shock, Zoe is left to pick up the pieces.’
    • ‘Many women are forced into this situation and I see their lives and I help them pick up the pieces.’
    • ‘Why would someone else not have picked up the pieces in that situation?’
    • ‘Thousands of hours of consular time are spent picking up the pieces after easily avoidable accidents.’
    • ‘What happens when a people have been ‘saved'. Who picks up the pieces?’
    • ‘As a nation painfully picks up the pieces of its shattered character, its people know they have a while to go before they eventually heal from years of pain and abuse.’
    • ‘These are two crashes that didn't need to happen and now the families are picking up the pieces.’
    • ‘His latest post will, in many ways, be about picking up the pieces to restore public confidence in social services.’
    • ‘It was wonderful, we were picking up the pieces of our lives again.’