Definition of pick up after in US English:

pick up after

phrasal verb

  • Tidy up things left strewn around by (someone).

    • ‘Environmentally conscious citizens tired of picking up after careless smokers are welcoming the formation of the national anti-butt littering body.’
    • ‘I'm tired of doing all the work around here and picking up after everybody’
    • ‘So I made a bold decision: I cleaned my room, threw out all the dirty candy wrappers and half finished pop cans, dusted off old books, and picked up after myself.’
    • ‘Though she would never admit to it, it sure felt good to have a man to pick up after.’
    • ‘Through a huge duration of my life, someone has always picked up after me.’
    • ‘Jas still lives at home and still picks up after me.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the group said: ‘Too much money is spent on picking up after mindless litter louts.’’
    • ‘You have no conscience, no sense of responsibility, and I am sick unto death of picking up after you!’
    • ‘It's an idea that seems to be garnering preliminary approval from outdoor professionals who must log time picking up after careless campers.’
    • ‘If I were to be someone's guest for a week, I'd pick up after myself.’