Definition of pick someone's pockets in US English:

pick someone's pockets


  • Steal something surreptitiously from another person's pocket.

    • ‘You just said that we were going to pick their pockets, not con them.’
    • ‘Certainly it gave her lots of time to pick their pockets.’
    • ‘I let his hands roam, explore, the knife having disappeared once more, probably back into his pocket, but I didn't dare try picking his pockets to get it back this time, not after just having succeeded in distracting him from a tantrum.’
    • ‘Ken, when will you learn that Alex never stops picking your pockets?’
    • ‘He is prepared to hug us and take us by the hand - not to mention theatrically attempting to pick our pockets.’
    • ‘If you want to be more cautious though, you might want to keep your cash in your pockets while traveling so that at least you'll have some cash handy in case someone picks your pockets.’
    • ‘They have effectively picked our pockets in full view of us and we can't do a thing!’
    • ‘He would pick their pockets and swipe their watches without them noticing - always owning up afterwards, of course.’
    • ‘I may also pick his pockets while he's talking about himself and how awesome he is.’