Definition of pick on in US English:

pick on

phrasal verb

  • Repeatedly single (someone) out for blame, criticism, or unkind treatment in a way perceived to be unfair.

    • ‘We have known each other since the fourth grade, when she helped me fight off a bully who was picking on me in the public park.’
    • ‘Like playground bullies, they've picked on the weakest of the pack.’
    • ‘Madison's been telling me a little boy in her class has been picking on her, teasing her.’
    • ‘Bullies pick on children who are alone, so can you encourage your child to make more friends and to bring them home?’
    • ‘Why everyone picks on the poor fellow just because he is not highly adept at running his personal finances, I cannot understand.’
    • ‘They argue with each other, pick on, insult and criticise each other, and they have fun doing it as well.’
    • ‘I was always quite fat as a child, I used to get teased about it and picked on.’
    • ‘‘If someone picks on me I just ignore them and think ‘I'm better than you are’.’
    • ‘Andy, the youngest of three sons, was a very shy child who was picked on by bullies at school.’
    • ‘I always found it was appalling when an older kid bullied or picked on someone younger.’
    bully, victimize, tyrannize, torment, persecute
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