Definition of pick nits in US English:

pick nits


North American
  • Look for and criticize small or insignificant faults or errors; nitpick.

    • ‘Some Dublin critics have been predictably quick to pick nits.’
    • ‘I intend to pick nits and I'll not be ashamed of anal retentive or obsessive behaviour!’
    • ‘It's hard to pick nits when a movie throbs with as much energy as this one does.’
    • ‘But these ideas would require a boldness and ingenuity that cannot come from candidates shackled to the very interests that profit from today's regressive tax policies, leaving the candidates to think small and pick nits.’
    • ‘And while I'm picking nits, I must add my opinion of Furst's female characters.’
    • ‘Although I've been picking nits with the handling of Carell's character Andy, the fact still remains that the actor is a naturally funny guy, and even through the problems, still finds comedic ways to shine.’
    • ‘Perhaps a few more trips to the free throw line are in order, but that seems to be picking nits.’
    • ‘As long as we're picking nits, let's say that she didn't kill herself.’
    • ‘Not to pick nits, but the phrase, ‘Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness’, is from the New Testament.’
    • ‘Normally, I wouldn't even mention it but as a reviewer I have to pick nits and be as anal retentive as possible.’