Definition of pick-your-own in US English:



  • attributive Relating to a system in which commercially grown fruit or vegetables are picked by the customer for purchase at the place of production.

    ‘it would be cheaper to buy from a pick-your-own farm’
    • ‘The business will not forget its pick-your-own roots as visitors will still be able to pick strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, asparagus, broad beans, sweetcorn and pumpkins on the site.’
    • ‘But as he was getting ready to sprint out the door he spotted the pick-your-own live lobster tank right up front.’
    • ‘If you have neither the time nor the energy to find your own wild brambles, the cultivated variety is widely available at pick-your-own farms.’
    • ‘And it was the subject of a long-running planning dispute with the Council over proposals to put in floodlights for a football pitch and create a pick-your-own fruit farm.’
    • ‘To supplement your personal patch, consider going to a pick-your-own field.’
    • ‘Most of them were heavy with ripe and bright fruit, but since this isn't a pick-your-own kind of garden, I really had to reason with myself not to pop a few into my mouth, and simply delight in the pretty sight.’
    • ‘Many pick-your-own farms have picnic areas on site so you can make a day of it.’
    • ‘Sourcing fruit and veg from the local pick-your-own farm was another unlikely hit.’
    • ‘Connoisseurs of the season fill the region's bed-and-breakfasts; lines form at roadside stands promising hot cider, and crowds jostle at pick-your-own pumpkin fields and apple orchards.’
    • ‘The overwhelming success of the campaign speaks to the less-tangible side benefits shareholders receive inside each brimming box of vegetables or stroll into the popular pick-your-own section of the farm.’
    • ‘So, I went to a pick-your-own orchard and got a little carried away.’
    • ‘And don't forget to visit the wine farms, the cheese makers, the pick-your-own orchards…’
    • ‘‘The only difference between the small market gardeners, pick-your-own places and farmers markets here and in France is that we don't organise ourselves in the same way as the French,’ he says.’
    • ‘It's a good month to visit pick-your-own farms or, if you want to use your energy on cooking rather than picking, to buy raspberries by the cheap punnet.’
    • ‘The garden, which offers pick-your-own fruit in season, will be open for the National Gardens Scheme on Sunday, June 13, between 2pm and 5pm.’
    • ‘Many of these enterprises are small pick-your-own, roadside, or marketing cooperative-type farms.’
    • ‘‘You'll get plenty of exercise at a pick-your-own fruit farm,’ he says.’
    • ‘There will continue to be opportunities in choose-and-harvest Christmas trees, pick-your-own farms and sales to farmer's markets.’
    • ‘Getting back to those apples: I'm leaning towards a greater emphasis on the direct marketing end of things and expanding our pick-your-own market.’
    • ‘We have a small but growing pick-your-own operation.’



/ˈpik ˌyə ˈrōn//ˈpɪk ˌjə ˈroʊn/