Definition of piano stool in US English:

piano stool


  • A stool for a pianist, typically adjustable in height.

    • ‘She got up from the ground and sat back down at her piano stool.’
    • ‘He rose, still pounding, and he kicked the piano stool back.’
    • ‘Paul went over to her and sat down next to her on the piano stool. ‘You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'll understand.’’
    • ‘Then he lunged forwards and shoved River off the piano stool onto the floor.’
    • ‘I walked closer to the piano and lifted the seat lid of the piano stool.’
    • ‘He watched the delicate figure sitting on the piano stool.’
    • ‘Then he taught her to relax, making her sit lower on the piano stool, where beforehand she was too high with the shoulders bent to increase playing intensity.’
    • ‘In the centre of the image is one woman sitting on the piano stool, head tilted and eyes closed in proper appreciation of a tune whose name shall forever remain a mystery.’
    • ‘She would twirl round on her piano stool to shout at us, then twirl back again.’
    • ‘Callie jumped up again and practically ran over to me and onto the piano stool, almost making me fall off.’
    • ‘He stands up, walks over to the piano stool and kisses me quickly on the top of the head; I'm rather ashamed to say I blush.’
    • ‘Ryan shifted on the piano stool and looked at her.’
    • ‘Always remain calm when sitting comfortably on the piano stool by relaxing the whole body.’
    • ‘The cat in question takes great delight in sharpening her claws on the corner of our sofa and on the piano stool's fabric top.’
    • ‘My mom would come out, and I would be singing on the piano stool in the bar.’
    • ‘The viola player stands right in front of the piano stool.’
    • ‘It's also enjoyable to see the piano player venture out from his piano stool, and take to the stage in an unstoppable floorshow.’
    • ‘He played some fantastic boogie-woogie piano, then fell off the piano stool.’
    • ‘She ousts him from the piano stool and plays it herself, the chords suddenly hanging in the air like icicles.’
    • ‘The mahogany horse-hair covered piano stool dates from about 1815 to 1820.’


piano stool

/pēˈänō sto͞ol/