Definition of piano bench in US English:

piano bench


  • A bench for sitting at a piano, often with an adjustable height mechanism and/or a storage area for music.

    • ‘Eric sat on the piano bench and started to play a familiar tune.’
    • ‘Katie sat down beside the young teen on the piano bench.’
    • ‘I grinned and flopped onto the piano bench as Ethan strummed away.’
    • ‘Ryan suddenly turns to the slender young woman sitting on the piano bench a few yards away.’
    • ‘The Liszt rhapsody's last note was still reverberating, when the audience leapt to their feet again, hollering and bravoing Lang Lang back to the piano bench.’
    • ‘As I heard the first hint of footsteps from down the hall, I sat down on the piano bench, looking much more presentable than the last time I had been sitting there.’
    • ‘Leah sat on her piano bench her head resting on the white keys.’
    • ‘‘Here is something I wrote, for you,’ he said with malice, sitting at the piano bench.’
    • ‘They sat on the piano bench in companionable silence.’
    • ‘‘OK,’ said Caspian, simply, and came across the floor, to sit beside him on the piano bench.’
    • ‘So, she sat down on the first piano bench she came to.’
    • ‘Brian sat down on the piano bench and closed his eyes.’
    • ‘For older children, challenging, more inventive hiding places are in order - inside the piano bench, in the leaves of a plant, behind books and so on.’
    • ‘As soon as she was firmly seated on the piano bench, she drew a slight chuckle from the audience as she carefully dusted the keyboard with her hankie.’
    • ‘He took a dignified bow, smoothing his hair as he straightened, adjusted the piano bench and sat in silence for several seconds.’
    • ‘Danni took her seat at the piano bench and began to play.’
    • ‘I sat down on the piano bench, took out my theory worksheets, and worked on them as quickly as possible while still trying to be accurate.’
    • ‘For a moment, he sat on the piano bench in silence.’
    • ‘Jack got off the piano bench, pulling me up with him.’
    • ‘Everyone was sitting in the living room, Evan on the piano bench, Karen in one of the wing back chairs, a chair empty for Chad, and a spot for Sven on the sofa, right between his parents.’