Definition of piano bar in English:

piano bar


  • A bar that features live piano music.

    • ‘During this period, I took to singing tipsily in Manhattan piano bars and much to my surprise strangers started praising my efforts.’
    • ‘This installation is built as a functional piano bar, in which visitors are served drinks and may sit, talk, and listen to music.’
    • ‘The interior is all brass fittings, wooden floors and cool burgundy booths, with a piano bar and two pool rooms to keep the restless active.’
    • ‘After dinner, slip into the piano bar at the front for great cocktails.’
    • ‘Done out in black, red and chrome, the restaurant resembles a cross between an Eighties piano bar and a pizza parlour.’
    • ‘They have a range of different rooms (a huge bar and smaller cocktail and piano bars as well as a lovely restaurant).’
    • ‘It was a weekend filled with art and music as they explored museums and any piano bar that would let them in.’
    • ‘It has a vibrant nightlife to suit all tastes, from the latest in club dance music to quiet piano bars.’
    • ‘He is due to give a private concert in the hotel's piano bar for guests and invited local dignitaries as part of a promotional tour he is doing with a French radio station, and I have booked my place, provided I make it in time.’
    • ‘A piano bar supreme, well-to-do tourists dressed in their best order fine wines or top shelf dark goods and listen to the tinkling classics of old.’
    • ‘As well as some gourmet cuisine, there is a casual dining boulevard with a pasta/pizza bar, a sushi cafe, bars offering happy hours with live music and light refreshments and a piano bar.’
    • ‘These richly decorated piano bars provide a perfectly relaxing venue for travelers.’
    • ‘The island has plenty of entertainment with world-renowned cabarets, nightclubs and piano bars that stretch late into the night.’
    • ‘At the hotel piano bar, at Japanese house parties and in streets of Tokyo, Charlotte and Bob start to lean on one another for support.’
    • ‘It's deafening, the loudest wildest piano bar I've ever seen.’
    • ‘One of the girls had been to New York before, and fairly expertly navigated us to a tiny gay piano bar set in a tiny triangular building created by the intersection of grid lines and old Indian trails.’
    • ‘Before enjoying the French-Continental cuisine, unwind at the piano bar and get ready for a live band at 9 PM nightly.’
    • ‘Now, he plays those songs in a piano bar - not wanting to leave Nebraska but still lovingly reciting the lyrics as people fill his tip jar.’
    • ‘It's one of the best piano bars we've ever visited.’
    • ‘Even the adjacent piano bar - maybe more popular now than ever - is neither noisy nor smoky enough to disrupt the aura of calm.’