Definition of phytotoxicity in US English:



  • See phytotoxic

    • ‘Since acid soils occupy up to 40% of the world's arable land, aluminium phytotoxicity may be considered as one of the major limiting factors of crop productivity in the world.’
    • ‘BOA alone is not likely to account for all of the phytotoxicity of crude rye root exudates.’
    • ‘The aim was to reach high biomass production and high Cd concentrations in the leaves and to avoid the problem of Cd phytotoxicity.’
    • ‘However, acute phytotoxicity such as rapid leaf drop may also result from the impact of high dose applications of HMOs and AMOs on plant growth regulators.’
    • ‘Aluminium phytotoxicity is a major threat to plant growth on acid soils.’