Definition of phytotoxic in US English:



  • Poisonous to plants.

    • ‘Preliminary experiments showed that for plants grown during the period December to February, a rapid exposure to high levels of artificial light produced phytotoxic symptoms (whitening of leaves) in these inbred clover lines.’
    • ‘Exposure of roots to 10 mM butyric acid for periods greater than 6 h proved to be phytotoxic, so it was not possible to study long-term effects of butyric acid-induced cytosolic acidification on the development of nematode feeding sites.’
    • ‘Sorgoleone is phytotoxic to broadleaf and grass weeds at concentrations as low as 10 M in hydroponic assays.’
    • ‘Studies carried out in different plant species have revealed that Cd is strongly phytotoxic and causes growth inhibition and even plant death, although the mechanisms involved in its toxicity are still not completely understood.’
    • ‘No visible phytotoxic symptoms appeared on the leaves or stems of transgenic or wild-type poplars after their exposure to acetochlor or metolachlor mixed into the soil for five weeks following the treatments.’