Definition of phytogeography in US English:



  • The branch of botany that deals with the geographical distribution of plants.

    • ‘According to Linnaeus, Theophrastus is the father of Botany; he is also considered as the founder of several disciplines of plant biology, such as morphology, physiology, taxonomy, phytogeography, seed biology, and plant ecology.’
    • ‘Based on phytogeography, the Hengchun Peninsula can be separated from the rest of Taiwan by drawing a line through Fengliao, Pingtung County (22°21'39 N, 120°35'16 E) and Tawu, Taitung County (22°21'41 N, 120°54'02 E).’
    • ‘It covers aspects related to plant community structure, community function and phytogeography.’
    • ‘All environmentalists, whose work impinges upon phytogeography and ecology, should be familiar with such sources.’
    • ‘We have used their guidelines dealing with morphology and phytogeography.’